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  1. Posted by GalsxyAnimals34, — Reply

    I love how everyone is not questioning the absurdity of the pic but instead they are bringing Attack on Titan references

  2. Posted by icy_hot_bastard, — Reply

    Nobody: Attack on Titan:

  3. Posted by asthasemwal05, — Reply

    This reminds me of a movie I saw as a child that traumatised me....where the woman cheats on her husband with multiple men so that her half alive lover can take thier skin and flesh for himself........just thinking about the movie brings me chills

  4. Posted by SkullRose26, — Reply

    I was in my mums room and she was sleeping there, and I had to hold my laugh in... it was harder than anything I’ve ever done... 🤭😂🤣😴

  5. Posted by sonalichellan, — Reply

    George , I just want that skin, George , that soft , biodegradable material. Yes George, ur skin . George u promised ! Come back with ur skin , George !!

  6. Posted by paigetarpley, — Reply

    I showed this to my mom and dad and my mom said what the heck and my dad just burst out laughing truly shows how differently people react

  7. Posted by yakimaa_, — Reply

    i sent this to all my contacts along with "give me your skin, _____" and i ended up getting blocked on 4 of them and yelled at on 6

  8. Posted by MeiNotHere, — Reply

    Me: Probably thinking that this is from Dream, (mcyter) Everyone in the comments: Broooo!!! Attack on Titan!!

  9. Posted by happytiger013, — Reply

    *spits out tea onto levi* shooooot- I swear we got them all....well than. *glances back at levi* oh- hehehehehe... *runs*

  10. Posted by HondaCivicKiku, — Reply

    He looks like the colossal titan

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